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Where the Passion Begins



FOUNDER (she/her)

Samantha is an attorney in Illinois and has experience in Business Law and Estate Planning. She loves to research, and volunteers her time to animal rights organizations. She earned a certificate in Behavioral Insights & Public Policy through Harvard University's continued education program, Harvard Kennedy Executive Education. 

Her experience as an attorney revealed how many people minimize their feminine expressions at work in order to be taken seriously. 

"I started The Femish Organization because I believe once we start valuing femininity in all people, true equality can be achieved. Women at work feel like they have to act like men, men get ridiculed for liking "girly" things, it all has to stop. Everyone has feminine qualities. Let's start seeing these qualities as strengths."

Samantha is married and a mom of 3, and can be found going for walks, drinking coffee all day, or painting with her kids.

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