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A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Sharing Research & Education on Femmephobia



FEMISH is bringing awareness to the missing piece for attaining true gender equality by analyzing gender-policing, and what research calls “femmephobia”. The people and expressions that society has deemed “feminine” are seen as weak, frivolous, and incompetent. The more feminine you are the more unsafe, less promotable you are, in addition to experiencing bias and discrimination and, for some, have your sexual orientation questioned. We believe that femininity is not a source of oppression, instead how society treats femininity is what it oppressing. This intersectional issue has applications across all genders, and is present in our lives from birth. By sharing research, education, and advocating for change, FEMISH plans on breaking the bias against femininity and feminine people, while encouraging all people to express themselves freely. If we can get society to change their behaviors, we can change values, and if we change values, we can change policy. This is the next wave of feminism.  

We are working on this mission in these key ways:

  1. Advocacy - FEMISH is a community of advocates and changemakers who are laser-focused on harnessing the power of social media for good. Our advocacy efforts include education, support, and content creation that are all aimed at disrupting the status quo and creating space for everyone to express themselves authentically.

  2. Research - FEMISH is tackling bias and limitations in the research community head-on. We even have big plans to support students pursuing their Ph.D. or Masters in feminine research. 

  3. Organizing - FEMISH is working with college campuses to encourage students to analyze gender stereotypes and break the feminine bias.

  4. Our FEMISH Book Club provides valuable literature to those who want to dedicate time understanding different perspectives of feminism that showcase intersectional issues and experiences with gender expression bias and stereotyping.

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In collaboration with Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin, we are running a campaign to get the word "Femmephobia" added to the dictionary! Check out our IG Post to see how to help us and enter to win $100 CASH! Campaign runs until July 1, 2023, OR until the word is added to the dictionary!
First step: purchase on of the stickers below, or download a digital file for free (donations appreciated!)


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The more people who know about us and can hear our mission, the bigger impact we can make. We want to create real change in our communities, and by following, liking, and sharing our social media posts, you can be a part of that! 

@thefemishorg on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok



Do you have a passion for equality and self love but don't have the time for a full commitment to the organization? Volunteer with FEMISH to meet amazing people and change lives.

Email if interested.

College Students


FEMISH offers internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. We have projects such as writing and editing, research, social media content, community organization, and more! 

Email for more information.

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As a nonprofit we run on donations and grants. Every dollar helps us with operating expenses, growing our organization, and creating change through events, movements, an education. 

We have made donating super easy with our PayPal & Venmo links, in addition to offering Memberships for monthly or annual donations with FEMISH perks! Be A Giver


Upcoming Events

  • Go FEMME Yourself
    Go FEMME Yourself
    Sun, Jul 16
    Peer Beauty
    Jul 16, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
    Peer Beauty, 110 W Kinzie St unit 3, Chicago, IL 60654, USA
    Jul 16, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
    Peer Beauty, 110 W Kinzie St unit 3, Chicago, IL 60654, USA
    An event redefining what it means to be feminine: No amount of pink can make you less strong, competent, capable,

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