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Femish is the only 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to dismantling the biases that exist against the free expression of feminine qualities in all people.


At Femish, we are working hard to make sure that everyone has the space and support to live as their authentic selves, free of judgment from others for simply seeking to express who they truly are.


Because only once everyone is accepted for who they are can we achieve true equality.


By and large, femininity is not valued the same as masculinity. Instead, it is considered weaker and less capable than masculinity…


Meaning that those who express themselves through femininity, or with qualities associated culturally with femininity, are met with both conscious and subconscious biases.


We’ve all seen biased treatment in our government, business, and school policies. We’ve likely even seen this in our communities, media, or even in our own families.


Femish was created to shed light on such biases and create a movement that will educate and influence a permanent change within our patriarchal society. Because our behaviors and beliefs create our policies and together we can advocate for and create the change we want to see. 


It’s time that feminine issues are addressed across the board. 


And we need your help to generate the change Femish is dedicated to creating. Together we can create change, shine a light, and show tons of love – to all people. 


Let's get loud.


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